Friday, May 25, 2007

Homeward bound

Chicago is nice to visit, but I'm ready to get home to my beautiful wife, and family. The first two weeks of my training have been very eye opening, very encouraging, and very successful. We have tests every week to see what we have retained, so far my scores are great.....wk #1 95%, wk#2 100%. It is a challenge to learn the systems, and accronyms of a new company. I am finding all involved are very committed to seeing the re-invention of the company to be a big success, and any and all suggestions from my past experiences are being welcomed with open arms. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for improving the sales, and profits of our stores, and I am finding that just getting back to the basics of discount retail, and the basics of grocery 101 ie. stores that are friendly, clean, in-stock, signed well, and offering fast checkouts....just to name a few, are the elements our customers are looking for.

The better that we get at taking care of the above mentioned areas, the more chances we have to take market share from the competition. With the power brands and more, (merging with that "other" company has made our brand recognition much stronger), we have all the tools we need to recapture the dominance we once held in the marketplace. There is however a great need to see day in day out consistency in sustaining superior store conditions to increase customer confidence and build the loyalty that we need to move forward. That is where I come on the scene.

Needless to say I am very excited to be a part of the leadership team of the new Sears Holdings Company.

I am even more excited that I get to see DW and the girls tomorrow afternoon, and spend the entire weekend with them. I will be back in Chicago on Tuesday.

Until then,

In Christ,


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