Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Like sands through the hourglass, I am counting the days until I get to see my husband again! I have been sending him text messages throughout my day--this is almost like a "business arrangement" as much as anything! Yes, there's the fun married part of it--the romance, the dates, the goofy little names we have for each other and the memories of snuggling until Beaujolais snuggles up against me and puts her bum right in DH' face! But there's also the day-to-day stuff: Princess #2's phone is broken, and I don't have authorization to activate the replacement phone that came in yesterday; the same Princess #2 was home "sick" from school yesterday (we think she's trying to convince us all that she needs to stay at her Mom's this week, but that is directly against her father's direction); Princess #3 is taking care of the dogs (hmm... except for the poop part; we'll have to work on that together!); it's raining in our neck of the woods today, so we can delay turning our sprinklers on for yet another week--and thank goodness I sprayed for weeds on Sunday so the stuff had some time to work!

I wonder what life was like B.C. (that's before DH for those of you that... never mind!). I don't function well without him!

Anyway, he tells me that Chicago is an interesting place, from what he's seen so far. He says that it's pretty green there right now, and a bit cooler than here at home. He's actually staying in Elgin, which is about 55 miles from where they have him training--which I think is the Sears Headquarters. He said it's a pretty impressive place (HQ), and he was very much looking forward to meeting some of the folks with whom he'll be spending some time in the coming weeks. He also mentioned that everything is all closed up and put to bed by 10:00 at night--which made it tough for him to find a late dinner on Sunday when he got in, due to the fact that by the time he got a rental car, found his hotel & put on some long pants (he says it's not quite shorts weather there), it was well past 10 and he could hardly find an open store! I checked this morning on tickets to Chicago, and for Princess #3 and me to head out there on June 9th and return with him on the 15th, it's gonna be about $720. OUCH, but I would love to see Chicago. Oh, and of course, I would love to see the guy that's staying there for a while!

You're probably wondering, where are those pictures I promised to post? Well, that's an interesting question. They're out there, somewhere; I just have to find some time when I'm at home to post them--maybe tonight, between coaching with homework, managing dinner, and American Idol. I can't stand that I'm hooked on a TV show now--I hate the time wasted that I can never get back! Interesting, given how much TV I watch when nobody else is around... Hmm... something psychosomatic going on there, I'm sure.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now--please everybody keep in touch! I have heard from my Uncle Rich since starting this blog... Can't wait to hear from the rest of you! ~DW

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