Monday, June 11, 2007

Yes, we're still alive!

Some of you have been wondering... We don't call, we don't write; when are we gonna blog again??? Well, I guess it kinda goes without saying that we have been a bit busy. Let's see, since Boo Boo did her stand-up fall-down comedy routine, DH has been home for Memorial Day (wow, it's dawning on me how far behind we are!) and back to Chicago, he has been back again, and Princess #1 has graduated high school, the girls have finished school for the year, and I got a hysterical mailing from Pops. Oh, and we've had a hailstorm that looked like snow, a windstorm that blew around and killed half of my garden, and SUN to BEAT THE BAND!!! It may not be summer according to the calendar (we do have the summer equinox approaching rapidly), but it sure feels like it!

Well, now it's Monday morning, and I should be working--actually, I will be soon, but since I'm working late tonight, I figure I can take a few minutes this morning to catch up a bit.

Let's see... When DH was home for Memorial Day, we had a nice time getting to see each other's faces... the girls sure were glad to see their Dad--as was I! We were able to make some plans for the following weekend, and pretty much enjoyed each other's company. Crazy week at school, what with it being the week that the girls have to turn in their books and finish assignments without them--I'm not sure what the purpose is of that last week of school; I remember the last week being a week of tests and turning in books back when I was in school. These girls had all that the week before the last week of school. Hmmm.... makes one wonder what all those tax dollars aren't doing!

DH then got in on Friday, June 1. His flight was delayed, and therefore, so was dinner... we were HUNGRY by the time we got some food in front of us! It was really nice to get to see him and spend some one-on-one time that evening; the girls had already gone to their Mom's, so it was just us Friday night. Well, us, and the cats, and the dogs, and the yellow jackets.

Princess #1's graduation was picture-perfect. The weather was much different than it had been a couple years ago when her boyfriend graduated; this time, it wasn't pouring down rain. No, this time, it was pouring down sunshine and warm and sunburn--I don't think I've ever been to a graduation ceremony where they had a concessions stand open. Well, okay, they were selling bottles of water. It gets hot in the morning sun on the football field! We all got pretty cooked, too; I'm even peeling on my arm. Yummy--save me a piece o' that for later! After that, we went to brunch with the girls and their Mom and Grandmother--and Grandmother gave her a car! What a spoiled little girl, and she knows it. So, I got to show her what to do to get her car licensed and legal on Monday morning. I'll never forget where to go to get the emissions and inspection done, and neither will she--I got two main parallel roads confused, and we got to tour parts of our town that are usually reserved for people that live in those neighborhoods! One of these days, I'll get it figured out!

Princess #3 came home with us after church on Sunday so she could spend some time with Dad, and then she accompanied me to the airport to drop him off for his flight out. We then went to the mall to do a little Father's Day shopping -- we'll never shop at Dillard's again. And I can't say more about it than that, because DH might read this... Then she and I watched Willow and she stayed at the house that night. Wow, I haven't seen that movie in years, and it's just as weird as I remember it!

Let's see, I think that just about catches us up... This last weekend was pretty uneventful. I started about 3 projects and didn't finish any of them, including gardening (well, that one was started quite some time ago), getting ready for a garage sale, and cleaning up the house; but I got to hang out with Princess #3 for a little bit. I just remembered on the way to work this morning that I have a jewelry party on Sunday the 24th, and I haven't gotten any invitations to send out from the jewelry-lady... One more thing to put on my to-do list! Oh, and the realtor is calling, wanting to know if we're ready to list our house; I have been trying to wrangle my accountant to get some stuff ready so the IRS doesn't come and carry me away... and I have a second meeting with a client set up for Tuesday evening. He and his IMMENSE family have some minerals in Texas, and we're trying to figure out who has how much, and how to get that information of record so that everyone else can tell who has the minerals. It's crazy--there have been a number of wells producing since the 1950's, and nobody knows what's going on! Ah, well, I live for the challenge, and really get a sense of accomplishment when these things get resolved.

Oh, yeah, and I got the Sales Contract out to the tenant for the townhome in my old hometown. Now THAT is a blog in and of itself...

Finally, DH is still in Chicago, and has met what he calls the "Echo" class (they started a couple weeks after his class did). I guess the group of store managers with whom he is training are all in line for basic stores; this Echo class is a group of store managers in line for the upper line of stores, so he's been hanging out with them alot. Anyway, I guess they have doubled everybody up in rooms for this week, because this week is called *something particular* (don't remember what) and I'm sure that it's an acronym or something, but I couldn't tell you what. Basically, they'll be meeting all the upper-tier management and teams and spending time with them, getting more deeply entrenched in the culture, etc. He'll be out late all week, so it's doubtful he'll be able to blog much, either. I'll be picking him up again this Friday--I CAN'T WAIT!!!

On that note, I'm gonna go get to work!

Have a great day, everybody!

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