Sunday, May 20, 2007

What an awesome weekend, and it isn't over yet!

Well, Princess #2, Princess #3, and I have been really enjoying each other's company this weekend. We went to see Shrek 3 on Friday night--we all laughed alot. Afterwards, we each tried to name our favorite parts--wow, it moved so fast that I can't even remember it! #2 thinks her favorite part is where Donkey had a baby ogre face; #3's favorite part was when Shrek had a nightmare, and my favorite part is where Donkey and Puss N Boots were thrown into the dungeon and "Puss" hissed. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll have to check it out!

Saturday morning we went garage sale-ing ("saling" looked weird, so I spelled it out--work with me on this, 'kay?). Princess #2 really didn't want to go, but before we were finished, she was pointing them out to me so we could go check out another one. We had fun, and Princess #2 got a "new" bike and Princess #3 got some movies and some beads--oh, and a "dresser." We also got a bird-bath for our front yard. Then we came home and had some lunch, tea-party style, on the front lawn under a shady tree. Beaujolais (the cat) was the fourth attendee at our impromptu gathering, and Wulfgang (the other cat) provided entertainment when he got brave and wandered off to the check out the neighbor's front lawn area--until someone came out and scared him! He came at a dead run (okay, he's kinda old; it was more a "purposeful lope") and hid behind a rose bush to peek out at the neighbors coming out to get in their car and take off for some errand.

Princess #2 had a friend who was in a dance recital/competition last night, and she said it was fun. Princess #2 had picked up a couple of silly necklaces at one of our garage sales, and gave the second one to her friend--I don't understand why they like the bright, simple beads (they kinda look "kiddie" to me), but then, I'm sure there was a time when I wasn't all about the fancy or elegant-looking stuff... Which reminds me, I'm hosting a jewelry party in June... Please let me know if you want to attend; I'm compiling names and addresses for the invitations to go out.

Church on Sunday was good--the new series is titled 2 Much 2 Do. Wow, I gotta wonder if the preacher has a hidden camera on my life--I am guilty as charged of not honoring the gift of the Sabbath that God has given to all of us. I do try to fit a little Sabbath into every day, and it was great for the kids to hear (from someone other than us parents) what the purpose of Sabbath is as well as what it isn't. Princess #2 especially wanted her Dad to hear the message, and so he's planning on listening online. You can too, at:

Well, we have an indoor picnic to prepare for; I'll have to touch base again later.

Have a blessed day, friends and family!

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