Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday, again!

Well, we made it through Monday, and now Tuesday's almost over... Where does the time go? I will say this, though: it seems like DH has been gone for a month already, and it's only just over a week. I can't wait for Saturday!!!

Did you catch American Idol tonight? Wow, Blake had a rough night--he had some really tough songs to sing. I wish he could have sung his first song last, and not have sung that last song (or the second one, for that matter!) at all. Jordan did well--I didn't agree with the judges though; I thought she was "pitchy," although I don't agree with the screeching that Simon accused her of. She's good, but I really do think Blake has more stage presence and confidence. I guess America will decide who they like best! Then, to add insult to injury (I have really been rooting for Blake--he's just so strong in who he is as an artist!), there was no House afterwards. I can't STAND the show, but I love the medical mysteries that they face, and I have a couple times even beat them to the next "guess" in their diagnosis process--Princess #3 thinks that I should write their scripts or something. Anyway, we'll be watching next week for the season finale. #3's a little upset because we had planned to have an American Idol Finals Party and make pizza and have friends over, but their Mom wants to have all the girls over because it's Princess #1's one night off this week. I had to ... uh... help her deal? with her frustration (she cries when she gets upset; I just get mad and snipey) and remind her that we can do a pizza party some other time with friends. If next week's House wasn't so late on a school night, we could do it then... we'll figure something out.

Work has been insane for me lately--I'm going to be getting some help soon I hope; the boss knows that we certainly need it on our team! I think my favorite part of my job is telling attorneys how to do theirs... I even had one ask me yesterday if I was an attorney. I'm thinking... no, but maybe I should be! We had a full-building evacuation today--that was interesting. I don't think I've participated in a fire drill since I was a kid. This was different than anything I've ever experienced--for those of you that don't know, I work in a downtown metropolitan area in a building that's probably 45 stories tall. After September 11, the fire departments are required to do these drills. Anyway, after Sept 11, our company has decided to evacuate far enough away from the building that if it topples, we'l be clear from the initial impact. Interesting that other floors/companies only evacuate to the front step, though... After we were cleared to go back into the building, it took us longer to get back to the office--our bank of 6 elevators services the first 18 floors, and you can imagine how long it takes to repopulate 18 floors, one box-car at a time! At least we were able to get out of the building for a while...

Okay, so now the news is on, and the headlines are interesting: Snow in the forecast (which made both girls moan and groan about no more snow, I hate snow!!!), a panty-bandit in Fort Collins (laundromats just aren't safe these days!), and then the usual bad news--including those boys that lost their legs in a car accident might have been drinking when they got hit.

Well, I have to go do the parenting thing now... someone needs this, the other one needs that. It's been an education, learning that kids think parents are 20-dollar bill dispensers!

Ciao for now, and we'll catcha later!


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