Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What to WEAR???

Oh my goodness, it's another crazy day in the Non-Brady household!

DH is... ahem, learning his way around Chicago--the hard way. Maybe he's having a hard time understanding the funny way those Chicagoans talk when they give him directions, yuk yuk! Maybe one of these days he'll actually get to have dinner with some of the fellows in his training class. Of course, that involves nobody getting lost on the way back from training to the hotel, and then being able to find the rendezvous point for dinner... Well, at least he's not starving--there's plenty to eat in Elgin and the greater Chicago area.

It's been interesting, being the wife of a guy that likes to shop--or at least, likes to "walk shop," which is DW-speak for the equivalent of window-shopping to compare and contrast stores and see who is doing what right and wrong. There have been times I have been worn out! It always amazes me how much I have learned from him when we "shop" together. I have learned merchandising, cleanliness standards, and more--and he's always telling me what he sees, what could be done better, etc. He's just so good at what he does, and we're thrilled that his skills will be utilized in his new position with the company. There's one monstrous advantage the company now has since he is on the payroll: after 21 years with "the other guys", he knows how to compete with that mass-marketing/merchandising monster (and then some, thanks to what he subsequently learned at the grocery store, too), and that knowledge is a weapon that he is not afraid to use!

Princess #1 and I had a really interesting conversation about Heaven tonight on the way back from Youth Group. We started out by talking about the likelihood that people can't really see what's going on here on earth once they are absent from the body and present with the Lord. I know, there are all these "ideas" out there, but then really, where is it in the Bible that we'll all be floating around on clouds, wearing wings and playing harps? Well, I believe, contrary to what the cartoons would have us believe, that people do not turn into angels when they die. Okay, so that part wasn't in our discussion; I'm just giving you some background on how my thoughts for our discussion was directed. We did talk about people not being able to see us from heaven. She commented that she would want to see what's going on with her family and friends, and (I love her so much) her dogs. I told her that we will be so caught up with what's going on in heaven, and that I want everyone at my funeral to be jealous that I got to meet Jesus face-to-face before they did. And, that I can't wait to meet certain people we read about in Biblical history, like Moses, the apostles (I especially want to meet Matthew, the original "punk rocker," at least in my mind), Adam & Eve, and Mary. She wants to meet Noah, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington (okay, not all Biblical figures, but historically-asserted to be Bible-believing, God-fearing men). Isn't she precious? We have the most interesting conversations!

So, the girls tell me that they have a concert next week. Princess #2 and Princess #3 both play the violin, and there is a big she-bang going down next Thursday. Princess #3 is bummed that her Dad won't get to see her play, but we're going to send her out there with a mini tape-recorder so he can hear, up-close and personal, how much she has improved over the year. She says that they have worked really hard all year for what they'll be playing, and I can't wait to hear the results. Now, if we can just get that violin back from the repair shop before then... Sheesh, it looks like we're going to have to rent a violin for a month (they don't do a "day" rate or pro-rate it if you bring it back early), because there's no way the repairs will be completed in time. If only we had known about the fact that the violin was essentially useless before now, we could have taken it to the shop sooner... I'll get over it; I really will. Someday. Not soon, but someday. I love these girls!!! Now, whatever will they wear??? Hmm... we may just have to go shopping this weekend for some nifty spring duds!

***** doo-doo-de-doo-doot... (intermission--sing yourself some goofy elevator music for a moment!)*******

Well, that was an interesting conversation. Princess #2 has decided that she wants no part of the aforementioned spring concert. Gee, if her BFF (Best Female Friend) isn't going, that's reason enough that she shouldn't have to go, too, right? Uh, well, I for one am not so sure about that. I'll duly note her desires, discuss it with the appropriate authority figures (namely, DAD!), and meanwhile, she'll be sorting through her suitcase (which promptly pukes all over her bedroom when she gets here from her Mom's) to see if she has anything suitable to wear. Would it be bribery to get her to go if I buy her some nifty spring duds? If so, is that necessarily a bad thing? Apparently, she and her class have not been working as hard as Princess #3...

Okay, gotta go. It's bedtime, and I expect to be hearing from my husband soon so I can tuck him into bed over the phone... It reminds me of before we were married when we used to fall asleep on the phone reading Bible verses to each other... Maybe we'll do that tonight!

Ciao for now!

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