Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update from Chicago

Hi Everyone!

A very special Thank you to my beautiful wife for taking the time to keep me informed of what is going on back home. We get to talk on the phone a couple of times a day, and then getting back to the room to find her dedicating part of her day to documenting the daily events is as close to sitting around the dinner table with family as I can get.

Things are going GREAT here in Chicago. I am actually in Elgin, and my training is most days at the Sears Holdings corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates (about 7 miles away). I just yesterday finally figured out how to get to training without having to use the toll road. It sometimes takes 30 minutes plus to go just a mile or so.

The headquarters is a beautiful first class facility. I can't wait for DW and Princess #3 to visit so I can show them around. All of the guys/gals I am training with are looking forward to meeting them as well. I am very excited about the opportunity in front of me from a career standpoint. The Company has an executive leadership team that is dead set on reinventing the culture, and the leadership team of the company branch that I work for. I have been hired as a Store Coach in training so that I could as an external manager, come in and learn the culture, and systems for 6 wks, then have a district manager project assigned by my Divisional manager for 6 weeks after which time I go in front of the executive panel for promotion to District manager. This company is very eager to use my experience from both prior places of employment to capitalize on the opportunity for growth in the division.

Well enough about work, I had better sign off and call the DW and the girls before the girls turn in for the night. I thank God daily for giving DW to me, I miss you sweetheart and love you very much!


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Susan said...

So. . . does this mean its a good time to start buying Kmart stock cheaply before you make it all explode and we can become millionaires? :) Seriously, I'm happy for you and glad to see that all is going well - I enjoy reading the blog and look forward to learning what you are being taught throughout this process! Sounds like you have been blessed with an even more awesome opportunity than you could have ever imagined. Keep up the good work!