Sunday, June 24, 2007

The world is upside-down tonite

When I was in Europe a couple of years ago, I had the very special privilege of traveling with some wonderful people. I picked up a saying from one of these special people (actually, I picked up several), and I can't help but borrow Connie's peaceful "Today was a good day." It was a phrase often said at the end of the day as we sat down over an evening coffee and sweet treat--oh, how I long to go back to that little patisserie in Prague, just a couple shops up from the entrance to picturesque Charles Bridge. Well, today was a good day.

I had a bit of a rough afternoon and evening yesterday--I had been planning a jewelry party for Sunday for some time, and had been working on the house this week. We have been wanting to put the house on the market anyway, so it's high time to make this place presentable! Anyway, work has also been getting crazier--there's a lot of work to do, and no chance I'll run out of work anytime soon! My Dear Husband has been gone, and the girls left on Friday with their Mom to go to Florida; I was getting kinda lonely. As I was making calls (people aren't the best about RSVP-ing) to remind people of the jewelry party, I began to realize that there really is no good day, or night, or afternoon--or anytime in June--to have a jewelry party (it's no wonder they offer double incentives to host a party in June!). So, I had worked my tail off all week and all day Saturday, and finally my wave crashed. DH is so sensitive--he picked up pretty quickly that something was bothering me, and I got the frustration out of my system--thank you, DH! So, I slept like a baby (having worked all day long probably helped!), and Snuggle Monkey woke me up this morning. She was hungry. Brat.

I had a few things to do to finish the house--just in case someone decided to show up. So, I got up and cranked the A/C down (I always work up a "sparkle" when I'm vacuuming), cranked up some Third Day and Paul Coleman, and set to work. I called the "jewelry person" (Nicole doesn't want to be known as the jewelry "lady") to let her know that we would be having a private party (read: nobody's coming), and we decided that since I had some outside orders, we should get together to pick out my free jewelry that I had "earned" with my book sales. I made it to the store, picked up some fruit & yogurt dip, and made it back to the house just in time to bake some brownies--Nicole and I discussed having some chocolate on Friday--and the two of us had a ball! I finally found another person who can eat as many brownies as I can, and not feel bad about it! Anyway, I'm made off with a boatload of jewelry for not very much money, and she said it's the easiest party she's ever done--she didn't have to do a presentation, and we were just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

After Nicole left, I discovered I had little energy left to clean anymore (hey, I never said I finished the upstairs!), and thought I would take a nap. Except... I hadn't heard from my husband all day, and he told me yesterday that he was leaving his friend "K's" house after brunch. So, I thought I had better call him and find out if he was okay! We had a conversation that lasted several phone calls, as he was driving out in the boonies and his signal bottomed out time and again--he had a fantastic weekend, and I'll let him tell you about it.

So, I never got that nap--I decided that Wulfgang would probably be needing some snuggle time, because he only sits down to snuggle when a body sits down to watch some tube, and I hadn't done that all week! I picked out some movies I hadn't seen yet, and a couple of favorites that I hadn't seen in a while, and then played eenie-meenie-minie-moe--and finally decided to watch all of them. As I settled down to watch the first one, it didn't take Wulfie but a moment to come over and ask for some snuggle, but he was only here for a minute. We have a chair in the corner of the living room that has a skirt on it that hangs to the ground--it's the perfect hiding spot for a snoozing pussycat, and one of Wulfie's favorites. Well, as he sauntered off and squeezed under the chair, I teased him about leaving so soon, and he responded with his usual repeated twitching of the tail. The one that still was sticking out from under the chair! I continued to give him a hard time--he thinks he can't be seen, but his tail tells me that he can hear every word, and continues to wind down twitching as he drops off to sleep.

I am currently enjoying A Walk In The Clouds, and I again have a fuzzy little companion who would rather be on my lap than on the couch next to me. Now, I'll bet you're wondering, how does all this tie into the world being upside down? Well, every once in a while, one had a truly good day. Today was definitely one of those--completely upside down from how yesterday was. In this part of the country, God has blessed us with beautiful mountains, and we get to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Today was no exception, but it was a most exceptional sunset. You see, every once in a while, God does the neatest thing: He lets the sun dip down below the mountains, and shine up under the evening clouds, lighting them up and bringing an absolute, reflective glow to the entire sky--it's like a sunrise, but from the other side of the earth. The evening was mild, and the kitties were playing in the grass, and here was this incredible evening sky--brighter than it had been for the preceeding hour or so.

Pardon me for waxing poetic, but it just made me think of the world being upside down.

I'm going to go watch my movie now!!


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