Monday, June 25, 2007

One more week in Chicago

Hi everyone!

I just finished reading my Dear Wife's blog update from yesterday. I just returned from grabbing a little dinner at the local Red Lobster, where I found that their seafood gumbo doesn't hold a candle to that of my beautiful bride. I'm just about to call her and let her know how much I enjoyed reading about the beautiful sunset she enjoyed tonite. Psalm 19 comes to mind everytime we discuss the sunsets at home.

There are many memories of watching the heavens with my precious DW as they declare the glory of God.....and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day unto Day utter speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where His voice is not heard.....DW and I have spent several evenings and mornings quoting this scripture as He takes out His paintbrush and places images in front of us that shout out glory to His mighty name!!!

I had the incredible priviledge of traveling a couple of hours north of Chicago into the "Dells" of Wisconsin this past weekend to spend some time with K and S (friends of mine for the last 20 yrs). We hadn't had any face to face contact for about the last 3 yrs and really enjoyed our time together. Saturday night consisted of traveling to a local resort town where we enjoyed "junkyard" pizza at the local downtown pizzeria.

From there we went to another small tourist town (can't recall the name of the town) where there was a beautiful granite quarry at the centerpiece of the town. There was a waterfall that sprayed over about a 200 ft square area of granite that had hundreds of beautiful natural colors gleaming from underneath the water as it dashed to the pool below. The pond of about 4 acres was crystal clear was hundreds of 3 to 5 lb largemouth black bass swimming near the top begging to be caught. I then had to get back in the car before I got arrested for fishing without a license, and tresspassing on private property...... the temptation was just too great to bear!!! We then went back to their 14 acre farm, and on the way observed at least 20 white tailed deer grazing in the corn fields near their home.

Sunday service at their church was wonderful. Their pastor (Casey) preached on 2 Corinthians 5:7-19 on how we are new creatures IN CHRIST all of the old has passed away, and everything in our world is new and wonderful everday as we celebrate life in our daily walks with Christ. Their santuary backs up to the what must be deepest clearwater lake in the state of Wisconsin. "S" went to brunch with a friend while "K" and I picked up some supplies at the local "Piggly Wiggly" and grilled burgers at the farm. After a wonderful afternoon nap I found K and S giving their cocker spaniel "Scooter" her summer hair cut afterwhich K and I rode mopeds for about an hour and saw maybe one car the entire time. We also saw a wild turkey, and several HUGE sand cranes. What a great time with great friends, and what a wonderful retreat from the BIG city of Chicago.

My next four days are at the corporate headquarters here in Il. I get to return home on Friday to my beautiful bride, and don't have to return to Chicago for at least 4 weeks as I start a new project in the hometown area.

All of the girls are on vacation in Florida with their mom. If you guys are reading this I Love You and hope you are having a great time!!

Time to sign off and call the world's most beautiful blonde.

Till next time,

In Christ!

The Dad in the Family

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