Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now is as good a time as any...

So, the latest news on the the NOT Brady Bunch:

Princess #1 is changing where she works. She'll now be working for some British Security Firm... Either that, or some lingerie company. Not our first choice, but a bigger company with a stronger leg on which to stand--at least for now. Of course, the night she came over insisting that she would be dropped from her college classes if we didn't pay for them that night, she informed us that she was thinking about going to work for Starbucks, who reportedly reimburse $1000 per semester. HELLO-OH? We responded by telling her what our favorite drinks were, and that we'd expect her to be at the local location serving us our beverages before the week was out. She didn't buy that, so we're letting her buy her books. Hey, she's got to have some ownership in her edumucation, right? Really, though; we couldn't be more proud of her dedication and work ethic. Even if we are convinced that she works so hard so she can go blow her money on clothes and burritos the size of her head!

Princess #2 has recently started a job at a great sandwich place. She gets to make shakes and come home smelling like toasted lunchmeat & cheese. She seems to enjoy working with everyone except the manager, so we'll see if this one lasts longer than the first job... I think she quit that one as soon as they handed her a mop. She's also starting her official sophomore year in high school, and is trying to convince her dad that it's so different this year because she's not a freshie. Keep dreamin', Honey! It's the same school, the same kids, and the same teachers. And those new freshies were in the 7th grade when you were top of the local junior high!

Update on Princess #3: She did swimming over the summer (after soccer in the spring. In the SPRING, people??? Hello, it's COLD here in the spring!!), and did very well at the swim meets. She's pretty fast, and if she decides she wants to pursue this, then we may look at getting her some lessons for launching off of the blocks and making turns more effectively. She was pretty excited to watch swimming during the Olympics recently. She and one of her best friends are writing their second book, and planning a trip (not anytime soon!) to Japan to ask the creators of Naruto if they can use their characters in their books so they can publish them. We support her all the way, while also advising her that they may or may not agree to sharing their license, and so helping her come up with some alternatives in case they don't. She is starting into the 8th grade, and she's thrilled to have classes with many of her friends, and only one friend that she has neither class nor lunch with this year. It's amazing how important it is to not be the bottom idol on the totem pole.

I don't remember it being such an issue when I was in school, but then, when there are 12 people in your class, and you have essentially every class with them year in and year out, there's not really much change from year to year. The things I remember looking forward to in High School were freshman initiation, which was a week of the seniors having fun with the freshies, but it was good, clean fun, and the freshies enjoyed it as much as the rest of the school did. After that, it was the junior-senior prom, which I didn't have to deal with because we moved, and I got to go to a prom where I didn't have to spend countless hours selling concessions at the b-ball games or hanging streamers in order to go. Then of course, there's graduation, but then, I never looked down on the underclassmen. Or did I, Mom? My memory is a little foggy. I recently missed my ()#&)(%-th year reunion (hey, if you don't remember when I graduated, then I'm sure I'm younger in your mind than would be otherwise!), and Classmates is inviting me to look at all the pics from the event. Did it ever occur to them to send me an invitiation???

Anyway, as far as the family as a collective is concerned, we are going to actively try to sell the palace that required the gross domestic product of a small country to pay the mortgage. We would love to list it with a realtor, but don't have the equity it would take in the current market to be able to do so. SO, we've stuck a for sale by owner sign in the yard, and are going to try something called a 5-day sale in the next month or so if it doesn't sell before then. Hey, who wants (when there are teenagers in the house) to try to keep the whole house spotless in case an agent drops by with no warning? Maybe a better question would be "Who CAN?"

Dear Hubby and I are also working with a financial coach to help us make our dreams become reality. Hey, we've screwed it up enough without help, and if we don't have some serious accountability, we won't put into effect the knowledge that we already have. Okay, so we haven't learned anything that shattered our viewpoints on money, but we are changing our mindset about it. Such as: DH came up with a great idea of a title for a book that we're going to write together: Don't buy a house unless you're debt-free, dummy! (Say it in your best Red Fox voice, and you'll get the feel of it). Anyway, we're experiencing some great successes, and would love to share with anyone who will listen. I won't bore you here, though.

Oh, how about an update on the pooch? Well, Sweet Dog did make it through the first 30 days--in fact, she's still kickin' it in the back yard with Annoying Dog on a daily basis. She "lost" 15 pounds of water weight, thanks to the Lasix, and we quickly realized how skinny she was! We now have a dog that costs us a whole bunch of money (in medicine) each month, but there is NO trade-off: she's a great dog. At least we only have to medicate her twice per day now, and it doesn't have to be EXACTLY 12 hours apart. Good thing, too, or we'd have lost her by now--life is just too hectic to keep such a schedule!

DH's job is keeping him hopping--his schedule changes weekly, and his days "off" begin by checking work emails and calling various personnel at the store. My schedule has also been pretty busy--not like DH's, but then, I'm also behind on laundry, cleaning out the closet, and repairing some holes in the bathroom wall where the towel bar got ripped out... Maybe I should try working as many hours as he does, and then it might all get done! At least we're both getting our homework done in time for our financial coaching sessions. Well, at least mostly!

On that note, I'm gonna call it a post and git on outta here. I've got some homework to do! Hey, feel free to leave comments--it lets me know that people are reading, which encourages me to post more. As in, more frequently. As in, more frequently than three times per year.


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