Friday, September 5, 2008


Where, oh where to begin??? How about with a comment on all the political activity that we've heard lately: "When's it gonna be OVER?!?" Okay, so since McCain announced Palin as his running mate, and I have read/heard some of the absolutely hateful and contrived "news" about her and her family (Hel-lo-oh? You really think that's her grandson? She was in her 40's when she had Trig, and that's a huge risk-age for having a baby with Downs. Besides, she couldn't have had the baby--little Trig is 5 months old, and the little darling is 5 months pregnant. Let me get out my abacus and do the math... Let their family, at least, have some private life!!)

Speaking of political activities, I had the opportunity to be in downtown Denver last week. I wasn't going to post anything about it, but decided it would be okay--heck, you all know that I'm a born and bred Republican anyway, so you all know that I would much rather have been in St. Paul this week than Denver last week. People were for the most part pretty cool, however, I did get accosted by a couple of drag queens who thought it was funny to interrupt me while I was trying to have a serious phone conversation. I just almost turned around and kicked them both in the shins--at least then we would all have gotten a laugh, except that I would have had the last laugh. They didn't need to be rude!! So maybe this week, Denver is back to normal. But then, when in any downtown metropolis, what really is normal? Did you hear that the mayor wanted to get the homeless people out of the downtown area (presumably for security reasons), so he offered them free passes to the zoo. Stupid Democrat. There were homeless people that I saw, and zoo or no zoo, they ain't stupid!! They aren't going to leave town when such an affluent group of fresh meat is coming to town--it must have been like a Christmas bonus for them!

Okay, so have I told you all lately how WONDERFUL my husband is? He works his fingers (and feet, quite literally) to the bone every day at work, and even on his off days, he's making and taking phone calls, checking sales and emails, and sending lists off to people for what to do. All this, and he still comes home after working a terrible long day with huge stressors surrounding payroll and scheduling problems, and the big lug decides to rub my feet and legs to put me to sleep last night. *Ah, sigh.* He's awesome--I am definitely going to keep him!! He's awful cute, too, you know!

Gotta brag on another FAVE of mine. A while back, I learned (from another blog--go figure) about this website called Library Thing. It's SO COOL!!! I now know where approximately half of our books are, and more specifically what they are. Okay, so I know where most of them are, but Library Thing has helped me keep track of the half of the books that I have been able to catalog in. Another thing that Library Thing does is called "Early Reviewer," and they work with publishers and get books earmarked for, surprisingly enough, early review. I have been on the list and requested early review books for months on end, but today I got my first book! Imagine my surprise, though, to open a package with a book in it that I KNOW I didn't order from Abebooks or Ebay... and because I had asked for this and several other books to review (the more you ask for, the better your chances of being selected... supposedly, anyway) back in early August, I didn't know who it was from. There was no note about early reviewing, Library Thing--okay, there was no note!! It took me a while to figure it out, but when I did, I got really excited.

So, on that note, I have to go read a book now! I improve my chances of being selected again if I actually read the book and give it a review, so I've got some homework.

By the way, if your name is Staci, and you're reading this, START A BLOG, BABY!!!


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